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Blackfeet musical groups well represented at 44th Grammys

By John McGill
Glacier Reporter Editor

This Year at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards of the National
Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, three musical groups

from Blackfeet country will be in the running for nominations and

winning in "Field 13 - Folk, Category 65, Best Native American

Music Album." The list of those groups includes the Black Lodge

Singers for Weasel Tail's Dream - the Tradition Continues (Blackfeet Powwow Songs), the Kicking Woman Singers for

Pikuni Style, and Darrell Norman and Ramon Kramer for

The Return of the Buffalo Horses.

The Black Lodge Singers are regulars on the pow-wow circuit and are

responsible for putting out several albums of their music over the years,

including Weasel Tail's Dream - the Tradition Continues (Blackfeeet Pow- wow Songs), this year's potential Grammy winner.The group is led by

Kenny Scabby Robe, Jr. and includes Thomas Scabby Robe, Erwin Scabby

Robe, Shawn Old Mouse, Kenneth Scabby Robe Sr., Louise Scaby Robe,

Lonnie Samaripa, Keith Kicking Woman, Myron Scabby Robe, Darwin

Scabby Robe and William White Grass. Browning's own Kicking Woman

Singers has been nominated for their latest album, Pikuni Style, released

by Canyon Records.

The Kicking Woman Singers are in their 28th year of practicing their art,

having recorded some 16 albums during their career. The current membership of the band includes Maynard and lead singer Merlin Kicking Woman, Richard Madman, Billy Potts and Jordean Bear.

Darrell Norman teamed up with German flautist Ramon Kramer to create

The Return of the Buffalo Horses, which celebrates the original coming of the animals to Blackfeet country. In addition to Norman, other local singers adding to the album include Victor Sure Chief, John and Gene Ground, Tina Norman, Anthony Yellow Owl. And Glen and Dwynne Eagle Speaker.

Nominations for the 44th Grammy will be announced Jan.3,2002, and the final awards will be presented Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2002, during the 44th AnnualGrammy Awards on CBS television.


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